"Interesting" Decisions

What are some small decisions that you have made in WoM/planning to do in AO that are just mildly infuriating for the community?

  • I have blast on E. More comfortable then pressing Q.
  • I have weapons on 1, 3, and 4, while having my magic on 2. I plan on having my 2nd magic on 5 when second awakening comes out for conjurer.
  • My mouse side button inputs G (block) and I use that instead. (F for block supremacy)

Yeah think that’s all for me.

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the guilds community is the most level-headed and chill community I have ever been in

Sounds half decent actually

if possible, have magic charging on R as i keep pressing that to re-load


probably triggered some g pressing loyalists but its convenient as hell

How does one set that button to g tho

I have blast on V

either mouse software letting u rebind or other external software. i use xmouse for it

Maybe left mouse for block, but it would be really annoying outside of WoM and I could see it being inconvenient to constantly change it haha

sounds annoying inside wom too wtf how u gonna click in menus

Re-bind left click to middle click :troll:

I meant right mouse

I only have 2 braincells have mercy :fr:

at least shiftlock exists now can be viable


blast on R, I see no reason why I should have it on q who does that

  • doesn’t use magic, still wins like 30-40~% of my fights with decent/average pvpers
  • also does side mouse button imputs but hasn’t learned to fucking block to save my life (literally XDDDDD)
  • unironically uses smoke arrows sometimes
  • making important decisions on a whim based basically on however I feel (Apocalypse Bringer/Berserker, a magic we know next to nothing about and a class that we have no idea is going to be like; still going to get/be both (not on the same file ofc))
  • made a guild to be hunted by guilds so that I could always find someone to PvP, since stopped since I got glitched out of my guild but might restart this

idk if it’s mildly or even slightly infuriating for the community that I do these things but I know they’re “quirky” or whatever so there

uses Z for blast
never used a weapon in my life (bite me)
will main scorch magic
f savants, warlock supremacy

I’m going to kill you

well uh…
i had 2 magic jumps on c and v until recentlyish
now i got a useless small pillar placed explosion on v because i dont need anything else
i only have one beam and its on z, i really dont care about it cuz i got wind and its pretty small
i got a placed shockwave explosion in f (pretty sure its common tho) to fling friends in the air but otherwise its useless

Teach me how to do the G bind, but the rest of this is pretty infuriating.