Introducing CrisppyTacos

35 days visited on the forums and I’m just now making an introduction

Anyways, I main fire magic, but for team PvP I love to use explosion magic.

Here is a screenshot of my files:
I would consider myself pretty good at PvP, however I don’t necessarily excel in 1v1’s, but I LOVE and I mean LOVE to do team combat, specifically 3v3’s. Also, incase you couldn’t tell, I’m apart of Suncry. Pretty cool guild if you ask me.

I like to develop as well, however I’m only good at building. You can check out one of my creations on this forum post:

Alright, that’s all I got to say about my self. Cya!

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welcome! (something tells me you watch konosuba but idk it might just be a haunch…)


(20 char)

hi welcome to forum,again

Megan Marshall. Red and black outfit scheme. Wizard. Hmmm…

meanwhile me with 47 and i haven’t made one

L1.Dc_vi12 welcomes you to the forum.

Something about that big blast above that red wizard tells me something…