Introducing my new guild

So, I have made seven guilds before this one, 3 were a success. My last guild was known as the Revolutionary. 26 members and 10 good pvpers but if you don’t include me bc im mostly goodly average… then we have only 9 hierarchies in the guild. Our vice admiral was an elite hierarchy of our guild and our great Admiral was box (BoxInTheGhost). The leader was me bc I founded the guild ofc. So it was great while it lasted which was 3 months, 3 days, and 6 hours. Back to the topic, my guild-type crew name is still being decided. Warvale, Valiant, Requiem, Warmages, one of those will be my guild names, and since I have such bad taste in naming things but I still like the names I pick or my friends pick, I would pick Warvale of Warmages.
is the logo of my guild

We are going to focus on gathering treasure and loot in AO, and be a crew full of good, chill, and experienced pvpers. We will make alliances with chill guilds which don’t cause much trouble, for example, TSO has a bad reputation and more likely 75 percent of the population does not like them so obviously it would be a bad idea to ally with them. Our guild leader is me, myself, and I, Diavalas. This is a new guild that started right after the disbandment which was on the fourteenth of June. Warcry: Still havent truly decided on the name - Google Docs (P.S. should I name it the white eyed pirates? prolly not…) fuck, i have a really bad taste of names, and hell nah, i did not get the name Warcry from Suncry… i put war and cry together from elden ring and it made warcry

Names i’m going to truly officially maybe pick for the official name of my crew/guild

  1. Warvale (prolly) changed it to this.

  2. Valiant (maybe)

  3. Warcry (prolly not but maybe)

  4. Requiem (maybe)

  5. Warmages (prolly)

  6. The White Eyed Pirates (prolly in AO or just a secondary nickname)

  7. Blood Rage (def not but maybe)

  8. Warfall (maybe)

  9. Bloodbow (maybe)

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nice guild logo though

cool good luck

you’re excessive

aint no way you expecting nobody to take ur guild seriously when your admiral is fucking box :skull:


it was…

Is this some secret guild advertising :thinking:

any1 wna hunt sum cringe or newbie guilds other than mee :}

no and advertisements are closed if thats what your going for

You see, my master plan is to get good at pvp, I’m average but I do know all the basics of pvp and I’m about Krystal’s lvl but hes average-good. Second, I would get the rookie tier and then inv non-toxic and chill pvpers that have skill and are good at pvp. Third, I would make friends with guilds that are big or they have good pvpers on their side. Fourth, avoid wars as much as possible and only start them when all preparations are ready. Fifth, have a staff team that knows a lot about discord.

krystal is average

more or so likely hes average good bc of explosion since that has magic size but ye i guess hes average if u say so.


these 2 terms dont match up i promise you

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krystal is WAYYYY below average wtf ur smoking

I feel like this is an alt that’s here to start an argument to bump the topic

What’s your Roblox account

hell nah you and i both know how awfull the average player is (self explosion spamming)
krystal has about the same amount of skill