Iron Magic Arm, Sheldon

Another one of my friends’ WoM Avatars
(Also if you look at my old posts you’d know Im redrawing my old guys that I posted),

Maybe even a Guild Chan redraw :flushed::flushed:


iron magic :poggerfish:

slow magic. Iron magic and lightning magic should electrocute like what happens when you sue lightning magic on metal cages in magic council camps.

Romulus son

We’ve been needing more femboy art on the forums, thanks.

is it supposed to be a femboy??? didn’t look like one to me

I mean not the most feminine boy but not exactly the most masculine either :nod:

@Ecilion hi babe do mine again :laughing::smile::relaxed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You cant see in this image but sheldon is batshit insane(replacing your arm with magic costs sanity)

I like how he looks