Is Arcane Odyssey Laggy? (A test for testers)

Many people ask the same thing over and over: Will Arcane Odyssey be laggy?

Since I, and the many people who ask, don’t have access to the game, I have thought up of a test that can safely say how your computer will do running AO.

All you need to do is record your fps on World of Magic, Arcane Reborn, and Arcane Odyssey at max graphics, and if you want to, state your GPU.

(Non-testers can also help)

For me: (720 resolution)
WoM: 40fps average
AR: 20fps average
GPU: AMD iGPU from Ryzen 5600g

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i dont think you read the instructions correctly

yes and no
depends on the area bc it can be real bad tbh