Is being an a-hole the only cure to feeling like fodder? [Rant]

I get that a grab is the only way to stop surge, and that’s kinda bs, but at the same time I fully expected no-body to like it due to just being a 20x beam reskin. I don’t know how else it’d be at least decent to use in pvp.

i love getting 20 dmg smt even 30 and 57 dmg, especially when for some reason i get stun every time i get hit

Yall its not that deep lmao wtf has the brainrot gotten to you that badly

Have you read the post entirely

Regardless, no it actually hasn’t. I’ve been doing really well in school thank you for reminding me

Even though in the conversations we’ve had on Discord we disagree so often, this is something I completely get.

I think between hitting 100 Hours and 300 Hours the majority of my time on Arcane Odyssey was spent at Munera Garden with a clanmate of mine nonstop practising.

What was the cache? I was shit at PvP, and he was known for being one of the best Triasta users in EU. I racked up ~1000 Player Deaths just from him by 1v1’ing him. This was all in July and August, before the mage meta, where I used to play Mage.

It was really frustrating at first trying to get better at the game, but alas, I’d say by like September or so, I made it, and was arguably the best mage player in my clan (for reference, this was Neptune, the now disbanded LB Clan).

I swapped from Mage recently, which means I have to relive this cycle again, and the amount of times I’ve lost to my friend is beyond embarassing, but you’ve just gotta charge it to the game and know that in the end you won’t sit down for a couple hours and suddenly improve, you may see no improvement one day, and loads on another.

I still start shaking whenever I hunt someone for renown. :sob:

Regardless, I think you’ve just gotta find the right people to help you improve and hope that they’re constructive enough to keep you motivated, and still give you that “fun” feeling that you got in the story you told at the end of the rant.


Did not expect to hear that from you

I get that, on the files I was actively trying to improve myself I also have like 100 hours on Munera
But I no longer have the time nor the will to spend like 2 hours of my day on Arcane Odyssey pvp

Quote me with a nerd emoji on this I really don’t care

Life kicked in. I can’t just spend all my time online and expect things to happen without having to put in my own efforts. I’ve been performing really well in school recently all thanks to some decisions I took for my own good. In the end everyone will realize that there are things that are simply more important than being able to pvp better in a game.

So yeah that’s that

I really had the right people, but I enjoy being with them and messing around, making jokes and just chilling. In my opinion that is more important than to tell them ready set go like some zombie

There’s always tomorrows and no choice is definitive, but you gotta have your priorities right

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Get good man idk

Ngl bro people who start shaking during or after a fight on a roblox game need to go do something else for a while that’s not healthy

Thank you for your helpful reply! I will do my best to make great use of it. You have definitely given me a lot of greatly worded constructive criticism that I can do a lot with

congratulations, you’re an asshole :tada:

If you couldn’t tell that was an obviously exagerrated response, but couldn’t you be a little more constructive in your replies than just “idk man get better”

like, idk man get better in replying lmao

My pfp already explains what type of player I am

no matter how much I get hunted, I keep coming back and never have a grudge.

I’m with you here.
I tried once or twice to learn how to PvP properly at munera and then after like 10 or 20 matches I came to a realization, that being that I was having absolutely no fun.

So I stopped, I decided I’d stick to what I enjoy about this game and avoid what I hate about it.
I could spend 100, 200, 300 hours learning to enjoy PvP by becoming good at it, but why the fuck would I do that when I could do something that doesn’t require actively learning to enjoy.

People may call me lazy for this, dare I remind them that this is a game and the only purpose any game serves is to be fun, if I’m not having fun then what is the point?

Nothing short of a complete overhaul of this game’s combat will ever fix this for me, I am not dedicating my life and muscle memory to one game when I could do literally anything else.
However, I’m not going to ask for that, it would be stupid and pointless to do so, especially considering I enjoy the PvE side of content just fine, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here to begin with.
Not to mention that there’s a higher chance of me getting banned on the spot for suggesting it than vetex ever considering it lol.

I’m an asshole for saying the only way to get better is by playing the game and fighting more people? Crazy

If you don’t like pvping then just don’t PvP?

My whole clan experience in WoM and AO has been me trying to be an asshole, but not being able to do it. Therefore I’d take it if I were you.

Despite my ailings in multiple threads like this, I’m actually relatively “okayish” at PVP. It’s just getting jumped by sweats who eat, sleep, and breath this game that remind me how much QoL this game’s combat needs. I’ve never had as many situations where I think, “Yeah their build is a little too whacky for me to handle.” rather then a “MAYBE I can take em.” I feel in most other games.

Like for one, you can only cursor onto someone’s torso. If you’re even a little bit off or accidentally aim at someones’ limbs or head, your aim will fly off to whatever it is in the background you’re “actually” aiming at. Projectiles only having one size instead of a part collision and player collision method to differentiate also makes the act of running something without a modicum of AoE a big headache in a patch where people have all turned into blurry afterimages.

The game is running a bit better as of this patch, but we still have a whole Dark Sea to reference, which I don’t ever expect to be segmented from the base game.

i have a therapist for a reason ellis :roll_eyes:
other than that i’m completely fine i just get overexcited alot

Smh bro smh