Is Comic!Peacekeeper Canon? And will she appear in Arcane Odyessy?

Yes it will be rendering all other self-proclaimed peacekeepers to be non-canon. But hey she would be for a fantastic legacy character. Sides if player Peacekeepers were canon they they would just be genocidal manics.


I don’t think so

Wait scratch that, Arcane Odyssey takes place somewhere in the War Seas, the other side of the world far from the Seven Seas. People in the War Seas don’t even know the Seven Seas since they are separated by thousands of kilometres of the Dark Seas. Correct me if I’m wrong or I missed something.

The comic is not canon

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the comic isnt canon and the peacekeeper is in the seven seas so no

also forgot comic not canon

No, because the Peacekeeper can be anyone + They’re in the 7th Seas

The comic isnt 100% accurate to arcane adventures, and shouldnt be treated as such
The peacekeeper is a self insert slot, Juniper is just LSS’s peacekeeper


No, only select events of the webcomic are “canon” but the general characters aren’t apart from the ones that appeared in AA. Juniper is not canon.

as people said the comic isn’t cannon

and no you are not going to see fucking anyone from AA in AO, the two seas are across the fucking planet from each other

The real peacekeeper was the character we made along the away

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Vetex said that Peackeeper is PLAYER in AA, and it can be any appearance depending on player.

AA canon pk is your pk

comic peacekeeper will never be canon
she literally has schizophrenia

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Just like me fr

the webcomics pk likely wont make a cameo let alone be canon in the universe. the series is based off of the events in the games but isnt totally accurate to what occurs in the lore; there are holes in the story which are left to the authors imagination to fill. the webcomic isnt a reliable source for lore as a result

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