Is it just me or are grab hitboxes so unpredictable

Most of the time it goes right through people, whether they are standing still or in the air. Sometime it whiffs and lands anyways.

Also it is not a ping issue since I tested it on a literal standing person and dashed right through them.

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yeah grabs are incredibly bullshit in this game for some reason lol

sometimes it clearly hits and you miss

and sometimes it’s the opposite.

they’re broken atm
fixed in update 1

On top of that the sunken sword tiger rush literally makes you vulnerable after the grab. Every time I land it I get blasted right after without any chance to dodge at all… it’s literally a stun lock for yourself.

Yes and also tiger rush is horrific since it leaves you wide open afterwards

grabs suck in this game lol!

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really? i was planning to use tiger rush because of the fact it put players into the air (they wont be able to dash out of my 5 hit pillar explosion)

You have a decent amount of end lag, so if you;re fighting a high dmg build you can eat a large hit for free. This is just speaking from multiple experiences and each time I got punished against decent players for using it.