Is it reasonable that players can escape Earth lorewise?

It’s probably possible given that the high unknowns literally destroy/traverse through galaxies. It probably won’t happen, but theoretically, it might be possible given we have a shit ton of magics that can propel us up.
This doesn’t mean that we will ever exit the Earth in-game, it’s just asking lorewise given what we can do.

  • Yes, it is reasonable that our character can escape Earth and reach space
  • No, it is not reasonable that our character can escape Earth and reach space

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drop replies saying why/why not so we can start debating

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I mean, yeah? But they would definitely die up there

space is in the lore and was mentions multiple time by tech

can we propel ourselves up at level 5k maybe then
that’s what i’m asking

thats a uhhh idk level 5k is a solid maybe as if we could probably destroy continents at that level so we could probably go past like a few thousand miles per hour and break out of earths atmosphere

but gameplay wise, no i dont think vetex will ever allow the function of going up to space
would kinda break the immersion of the game, rpgs especially medival style ones like WoM dont tend to bring space into their stories/gameplay
so no

gameplay we will defo not be able to reach space
if we can somehow escape earth’s gravitational pull lorewise then it might be possible, but we’d probably need to exceed supersonic speeds

its not impossible, we just have to know enough science to understand what we need to survive space (or like enough magic to be immune to the effects of space)

if gravity magic somehow allows us to say “haha anti-gravity go pow” then it’s most likely possible

We’re talking about lorewise–it is most definitely possible especially say for a light user at level 5000.

The thing is that our players have the capabilities of breaking through Earth’s atmosphere, but they do not have enough knowledge to know how to.

They will face the gravitational pull, extreme temperatures, lack of oxygen, and much more scientific conflicts that I do not know.

If the player somehow finds a way to survive in space then yea, like an unknown with genesis zero trapping the person in the black box thingy for a set amount of time before they can come out, otherwise no

Gravitational pull is not that much of an issue unless you’re just doing one large jump. You can easily escape earth’s orbit as long as you have kinetic force re-accelerating you. Escape velocity only applies to objects with no propellant

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My initial answer is no, but since y’all saying they don’t have to survive then uhhhh, yeah if you do it fast enough. Good luck getting back through the atmosphere if you do survive tho tbh

We will be as powerful as the unknown don’t under estimate our power :muscle:t5: :muscle:t5:

unknowns are level 15k+
our level cap is 5k…

terron level is 500k - 1mil k but don’t worry he will have to uncap level 5k at some point, forgot to add that to my wiki lol

So does that mean if a wind user and (insert already existing magic perfect for going in space) then it’s possible to at least survive in space for a couple minutes?

Don’t mean to go off topic but your pfp lookin clean

You would still die from normal things like… not breathing…
But I don’t think it’s impossible for wizards to go to space, many spells are specifically made for transportation so why not.

Not breathing probably isn’t what’ll kill you first tbh. More like your blood and body fluids literally freezing

Actually, it’s the opposite. Due to extreme depressurization, the boiling point of your bodily fluids lowers - causing you to boil to death in something called ebullism

Yeah i was thinking the same thing