Is sand good?

Is it good? I’ve used snow before and that wasn’t the worst experience, so should I try leveling sand?

(Using canyon or desert variation since I live in Arizona lol)

:sand_magic_var3: :sand_magic_var1:

Pls don’t hate me crim I swear I’m not copying you

Sand without interactions is better than Snow so yeah it’s decent.

imo outclassed by water, but at least it hits surprisingly hard

sand is very good lol

Sand is the best definition of mid-tier I could possibly think of. It does everything fine, and doesn’t really have any shortcomings. An incredibly reliable magic for sure.

Literally the king of neutral tier
its not shit, but its not the best magic ever

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wait so im the only one would thinks it deserves meta tier?

Yes. You’re nuts if you think Sand is as strong as Water, Wind, and Shadow.

i meant low meta tier, like its S tier but not above any of the magics you listed
double oops

Stop trying to put like 6 magics in S tier, it’s just Water/Wind/Shadow

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Sand doesn’t have the raw strength or utility to hit S tier, it’s not even close.

yea but atleast its not dog water tier