Is suncry still active?

I was looking for guilds to see if I could join them and obviously noticed suncry as they are 1st, but i was wondering if they are still active or if it would be better pursuing another one?

I dont think them are active right now, most guilds are waiting for the revamp because infamy is getting reset

they wont let random new gens join, and they’re not active in game anymore. just the discord

last time i saw an ingame member other than misinput was like 6+ months ago


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who are you

Discord is active

Ingame not active
Recruitment closed

It would be better to pursue a lower end guild or any new upcoming guilds in which you can hone your skills and improve your rep and then start thinking about leaderboard guilds

If you’re interested in playing with a guild right now, SunCry isn’t for you. The guild does not actively play World of Magic. Feel free to join the discord if you want to play when Arcane Odyssey drops. > SunCry

saw one a few days ago, i think his name was luigi

Ah that probably was me. Howdy there.

LUCKY!!! (Arguably the best council)

don’t, there’s no point unless you just want to socialize, if that’s the case then just wait for the revamp, there’s no guild active right now

Fuck, nevermind, this was half a month ago, why’d I bother

because the worst person in suncry necrobumped a post

other way around