Is the file erase/overwrite bug still occurring in 1.14 servers?

I’d really like to know, as if it is that’s really, really not good for the future of the game.
Imagine having your level 2k character wiped at pure random :frowning:

vetex will look for the issue, if he can’t…

I’m moreso asking for testimonys from victims.
It would be great though if those affected can confirm that their server was 1.14 and the server they joined was 1.14

that a joke or not? :roll_eyes:

I heard the bug cant possibly be fixed after a roblox data store update but I could be wrong.

vetex implemented final measures to try and combat this bug, and said if it still occurs then it’s unfixable.

He did extensive testing though and tried to replicate the bug afterwards but it didn’t happen again

I can believe all this, he is doing his best. just stick to one file (Mostly the second file seems safer to use)

Good luck!

Soooooo because I haven’t gotten a single 1.14 -> 1.14 testimony of file wipe/erasure I’m going to assume it’s fixed!