Is there a bounty board/sponsor at cirrus island or am i just stupid

i can’t find either of these at cirrus island, and it’s annoying to have to go all the way down to whitesummit just to accept another contract (yes im an assassin)

i was gonna make a suggestion about it or something, but i figured i might as well ask you guys first.

also sorry if i sound stupid or smth im new to these forums and not really familiar with this community


No I don’t think there is, probably because Cirrus island is mostly isolated from the rest of the islands and since players don’t really have much reason to spend time there anyways

aww rip, i can understand why there wouldn’t be one. i just wish there was some sort of fast travel or smth so i could get up and down faster. any tips on that?

Yeah, I wish there was a better way of transportation up there too

Your best bet is probably just eating a nice fruit/mushroom meal to help with your stamina before the climb

yeah that’s prolly a good idea, ty

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