Is there any PVE news?

I’m assuming the game is going to be mainly pvp since the closest thing to pve news is the flare magic boss and the gif of Dylan the Ice Smuggler, but does anyone know if the bot bounties are still going to be in the game? On the Trello main features they aren’t removed but there hasn’t been any news on them

Also is the dark sea going to be on release or will that be a future update?

yeah bot bounties are gonna be in

pve is mostly gonna be story related enemies id imagine and vetex doesnt want to show anything story related

@ThatOneGuy you know what to do

Probably not because I think Vetex is prioritizing stuff that absolutely needs to be in the game by early access, and the Dark Sea isn’t needed as much as other stuff like fighting styles.

there’s an entire trello card that lists every boss and fightable npc, plus the leak of vetex dying to argos

We’ve had much more news than just Iris on PvE, the storyline is the main aspect of the game, I think vetex said that PvP is supposed to be more of a side activity for players to do.

In terms of PvP content we have -
Bounties and Fame
People just fighting for the fun of it

In terms of PvE content we have -
Some side quests
Bounties and fame but with NPCs
And more, possibly.

That’s not true. Vet said he will focus on PVE and Story, and PVP is only in form of Bounty hunting and MAYBE fights over islands. That’s all

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