Is there going to be another discord unban wave when AO comes out

I was
Permanently ip banned from the vetex discord for “emoji spam” around when wom first released and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to be unbanned because I’m pretty sure there was an unban wave when wom came out

Are you able to provide your discord name and the four nums at the end? I’ll see what I can do

Punishment wipes are gone, but you can appeal bans and warns after a certain amount of time iirc

but how are you supposed to appeal when you banned form the main server is there like a appeal server or something?

Thanks for the help

  • Appeal Form
  • Dm a mod
  • Creating an alt for appeal
  • Any other platform connected


Wait, but if you’re banned from the server, how would you get the Appeal Form in the first place?
Aren’t using alts also against the Vetcord rules too?

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Let him COOK!

Well thats really the only choice you got

You can bookmark the appeal before you were banned
if you don’t got those options your last is to take the risk and create an alt to appeal to a mod or an appeal form

sorry for the inconvenience again but can you give me your discord id by any chance? if you right click on your profile and dont see a copy id option, go to your settings > advanced > developer mode (turn it on) and then you should be able to copy your id. you should get something that looks like this
and the id will look something like this
sorry for asking again though since a mod supervisor told me that you didnt appear in manual bans and i wasnt sure if it was actually manual bans or a bot ban. if it turns out to not be those two, then it might correlate with someone else at your same location who got banned or somewhere around those lines. thanks

Hi this is me on my pc on an alternate account (i have one for pc one for mobile) my id is 1050392237575507968 Thank you so much for your help and im looking foward to being able to message in the discord again.

I can confirm this is me

alright after checking, you dont appear in manual or bot bans, which is one of the rare ban cases where this occurs. by any chance, were you banned on a separate account or from another individual at the same location the ban took place? sorry for the late reply, and we can also move to private messaging or dm on discord to figure out what we can do

I sent you a friend request on discord

Alright, Ill respond from there

resolving ongoing issue on discord