Is there gonna be an obnoxious amount of random magics in arcane odyssey?

With world of magic there was a bunch of weird random magic that didn’t really make sense. Will that be the same with the new game?
Or will it be like how arcane legends was intended to be, with you starting out with the base magics then build off with other magics you can learn.
Rather then starting off with the most random of magics, like paper or ash. Seriously where did paper even come from!?!?

Paper ink and gold are being removed the rest are staying


This mother fucker really said Arcane Legends.


i have no clue what you just said but im in so much agreement rn

arcane legends



it was a joke i think

also isnt this the game that always shows up when i try to google arcane adventures?

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I mean the game about collecting magics and fighting styles is supposed to have variety, right?

The fuck is that?

man, arcane legends was such a good game wayyy better than Arcane adventures ngl

You know that you can choose your magic, right? :skull:

Just don’t choose the magics you don’t like, it’s not a problem. Also, no you don’t just start off with one magic and branch off into others, Arcane Odyssey isn’t designed that way.


Think they were talking about the planned mutations

Bro really…

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Paper being removed, idk about ash
Yea some magics like paper and ink feels kinda stupid but honestaly i like snow sand ash poison blah blah blah

Snow is normal, ash is normal, sand is normal, poison is normal, every magic that’s in the game (apart from paper and ink) is normal.

i mean having snow + ice is kinda redundant
also ash is kinda weird to have as a normal magic

I don’t really get the problem? I mean the more magics the more options, and more options means more cool effects


All of these are naturally occurring, so you are wrong.

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Don’t choose a magic you don’t like if you think it’s “random” :no_mouth:

It adds some diversity, instead of everyone using the same 7 magics