Is this build good for light magic?

Can I have tips for using light magic in pvp? Thanks :cry:
Also, what play style is suitable for light?

Edit: Updated stats :>


Put more of the Defense into power, that should help.

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Are there any leggings that give power?

If you have the Wizard Robes, then I’d advise that you use those.

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Okay, thanks!

Wizard pants give power.

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Maximize power with like 80 defense and you’ll be able to insta-cast 120 dmg placed explosions

everything other than defense and power is useless and as a light magic you want to put your points into power

I also think that light magic will need casting speed, because you don’t want to stay in one spot for a long time when you are casting multiple blast attacks

If you’re going for clashing/PvP, it’s mostly recommended:
Half Power and defense, no destruction nor knockback, those two will ruin your PvP experience and give advantage to players to run away quickier.
If you’re going for PvE, keep these.
It’s pretty rare to find someone with high player kill count and ready for a fight.

Anything that isn’t power and isn’t defense is irrelavent.

That will change once the game reaches sub level 200-300, since those stats will have a major impact.

I’d be up for having those stats outright locked out from appearing on equipment until they reach a certain level.

any stat besides power and defense is useless

For now that’s the case. Vetex will be making changes to make sure it’s no longer like that.

image this good?

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Yep, hopefully not only power and defence are important in future updates ;-;

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