Islands in Ao

The islands are way too close to each other which gets rid of the entire purpose of an immersive experience when exploring. They should be pretty far away from each other like how the islands are in gpo but not too too distant. This is would force people to rely on the compass more and overall makes the exploration part of the game much more fun.

It’s just my opinion and I’m more than happy to view your perspective on this

It’s always up to change later depending on tester feedback and quality :nod:

yeah but i dont wanna spend too long at sea to get somewhere
the sea wasnt big in aa and it will be the same in ao


we dont even really know how far the islands are spaced out. We can only guess from screenshots and videos until we get to play ao which makes guesses pretty unreliable


I agree, this post was kinda pointless.

Yeah… I guess so

i do love sailing endlessly for ages because thats great gameplay!

i would rather not spend like 10 minutes mindlessly finding the nearest island (assuming AO has fog)

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It has fog, I still remember that tragedy in the patch notes so long ago

me when AO releases:

Islands are constantly being moved around, all we’ve seen as of now is a very unfinished map


islands are about like what 700m apart in bronze sea? thats pretty crazy that when u just hop on a boat people now want destinations to be way further now

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eh if islands were a bit further appart for the next seas i think it would be fine. at least by that point there’s gonna be npc ships and hopefully bigger ships for players

also screw wind


I think they are like that so it’s easier to playtest. They have even been moved around recently according to the trello.

Just to be clear, I don’t think they should be 10 minutes away from eachother but they definetly seem way too close right now.

What I don’t want is for it to take like hours and hours to get from one side of the map to the other