[ITS BACK YOU LITTLE MUNCHKINS] YouTube is down, It’s the end!


Is YouTube down for all of you

  • Yes
  • No

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man i just wanted to listen to music while doing homework
-so i switched to soundcloud lmaoooo

I thought my internet was being funny. 30 minutes of tinkering with my router, phone, and everything else later and I realise it’s not only for me.

wait it’s down? there’s this big storm currently here and i thought our internet is screwing over earlier.

nobody expected this in 2020

Da heck it was working like minutes ago for me. Welp time to actually be productive for once :frcryin:



: (
no youtube hours

it is just the videos not playing but everything else works

it suddenly started working again

For some reasons some videos just work for like the first 10 seconds then stop

For me, the black screen with the white loading gif just keeps playing

its starting to work and come back it seems aa

YouTube: is down

Roblox: I see this as an absolute win

i was taking a shower after drying off, i decided to change my station from spotify to YouTube going to listen to one of my private playlists. THE DANG APP WAS SLOW AS!!