I've been mildly confused on this for a while

So the stat scaling by level is still pretty much the same as it is in WoM right? It’s just that on top of that you also have the stat build system?

More or less yeah.
My understanding of the stat build system is that it’s more so about what kind of builds you can do than it is actual stats so they shouldn’t conflict much.
Could be wrong as I only skim through the trello every now and then.


i dont think its ever been confirmed how it works, i was always under the assumption that stats scale purely off stat points but that would mean hybrid builds like a 50/50 build would deal half damage and just being objectively worse so im not sure that thats how it works

Health scaling was actually increased from 6 health per level to 8, so there’s that.


Yeah that’s the bit of info I was remembering that was making me wonder.

No, your damage scales 25% on your level and 75% on your stats, so with no points in Magic you’ll do a quarter of the damage you were doing in WoM with no equips

Oh epic i thought it was 100% based off stats

those percentages only count for damage right? Vitality is closer.

Vitality is literally just additional health. Health was actually scaled up in AO so overall everyone is going to be tanky. If someone specs into vitality it’s just a straight increase to whatever max health you could get in WoM.

I’m asking specifically to figure just how much of an L warden builds are taking

The stats in stat builds determine what abilities you can use (Example: 10 magic stat points to use beam spell)
The stats in magic scale off of magic level.

I might be wrong though.

Savants and Wardens will be shit on for all times until people realize they have viability and then call them OP because it’s a playstyle they’re unfamiliar with (or not being the meta) not being garbage for playing/being different. Just how I see it though and I could be wrong.

The way I see it the bonus health is just not worth the even larger (at least I believe) lack of damage and skills. Savants are a different story since they will actually like unlock skills. Eventually I think they’ll probably be alright especially with awakenings.

magic level is just your points in the magic stat I’m pretty sure.

Spirit Weapons, though honestly I think the weapons should just be dipped and it is just about controlling one’s spirit. Knights can get Spirit Weapons, Juggernauts can get Spirit-infused Fighting Styles, and Paladins can have either magic infuse with their Spirit or vice versa. I just think re-skinning weapons as an exclusive Warden route is kinda lame and makes it too comparable to Warriors/Weapon hybrids but hey I am not the one calling the shots. Would also probably make it much more flashy/versatile which ain’t a con by any means.

Savants are definitely shat on less than the Wardens/vitality hybrids, especially with the reveal of strength based arcanium weapons which effectively use all the offensive stats. But that feeds into my second point because when that was revealed everyone was like “Savant gonna be OP”.

Tbh overall I think the builds will be fairly balanced aside from maybe one or two slightly ahead and likewise one or two slightly behind. Even then if it’s that bad there are sure to be buffs/nerfs.

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You’re forgetting awakenings. Conjurers are gonna have weapon damage scale off both magic and weapons so they really get to deal 100% the damage of other builds with their weapons

oohh yeah idk how i forgot that


Then maybe magic stats scale off of level.

there isnt really a magic level in wom, or at least theres no way to affect it outside of leveling up normally, which makes it pointless to differentiate them
anyone with the same magic, level and items as you would deal exactly as much damage

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