Join Raven legion!

Guild Name: Raven Legion
Guild Status: Light
Guild Owner: iRavenist [Al Rose, Raven Cole]
Annotation 2020-04-30 143712

  • We are the Raven Legion, just like a family, we help out each other who are in need and
    We also fight the criminals. We accept anybody that joins the guild! We have a lot to
    offer like game nights, raids, tasks and other fun events!
  • Our main goals are to defeat dark guilds and become the best at PVP!
  • We are very supportive and friendly especially to our own members
  • We can help you level up and grind together
  • We also have trading port and donation area where you can donate us
  • We hope you choose us!

Contact: Ravenist#3240
Discord invitation Code: vFNNZvd
Roblox: [Not Yet]


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