🐦 Join = Salvatore Mortale (Mortal Savior) = Equality, Valor, Justice

Guild Name: Salvatore Mortale (Or, Mortal Savior)
Guild Status: Neutral
Guild Owner: Ursel Booth (Luckyboy20)
Current Member Count: 44


  • Our guild believes in equality between all races and magic types across the world. We seek out warriors, strong or weak who are pure of heart, and have a strong sense of justice. We eliminate those who have ill intentions, especially those who hide within the ranks of the government who exploit their status for evil. Our ranks will rarely be seen together, but rather hiding in the cities and villages, protecting the townsfolk. We don’t believe in something as trivial as becoming the top guild, however we want our presence to be well known without Magius. Our guild stands by three main values, equality, valor, and justice.


  • Over a century ago, there was a strong wizard named Zeke Booth. He was a wizard with a strong sense of justice and was constantly sought after by both the Magic Council and bandit groups. He hid within the shadows of various cities and villages across Magius and would defeat both government figures, and bandits which would harm the townsfolk. The townsfolk across Magius cheered his name and looked to him as a symbol which could protect them through all of their endeavors, and began to call him the “Mortal Savior” of Magius. However, one day he was finally caught by corrupt Magic Council Wizards and was executed at the square of Ironport. His death brought upon a rebellion against the Magic Council in Ironport, but the townsfolk were powerless and were quickly dealt with. However, his story was not over. His heir would go on to form the Salvatore Mortale guild where they would carry on his legacy, protecting the townsfolk from any wrongful entities.

:male_detective:How we work

  • Our guild members mostly work solo, in servers with a lot of people doing patrols within cities, looking for any kind of guild activity or magic council activity and take action when they see fit. The only time the guild will be seen together is in a guild battle, or in a meeting.




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