Join The Arc Wolves Guild Today!

Guild Name: Arc Wolves
Guild Status: any rep but preferably light
Guild Owner: Gavanater7

Must know either lightning, ice, or shadow magic.


The Arc Wolves represent and believe in the ultimate power of lightning and ice. All applicants must use lightning magic or ice magic. We believe that these elements are the most powerful and fight all who dare oppose us and fight purely to prove why our magic is superior. We believe in the spirit wolf and its ability to give life by its ultimate lightning magic. The spirit wolf lives in a dimension of ice and lightning and following the path of those magic will lead to eternal youth and greatness.
-The Arc Wolves are a guild with wolf inspired ranking system and a focus on making money and developing advance character builds for both rp, pve, and pvp. Our culture respects power, strength, loyalty, and honor. We are a brand new guild and many things are still in development which means you have potential to shape the future of the Arc Wolves. All applicants must have picked lightning magic or ice magic.

Join the Elite Shadow division assassins or the honorable Sentinel division, and many more. Prove yourself today. There are many opportunities and divisions to join.

Discord Server:
Discord name: Kormyy#7337
Roblox: Kormyy

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