Join the Arcane Government today!

Guild Name: Arcane Government
Guild Status: Neutral
Guild Owner: devo | Dulzura Salore


You may already know about the Arcane Government from Arcane Adventures. It was essentially cancer, AIDS, and a whole bunch of other diseases tossed in there too. The Magic Council is lacking in this thrill and… well, cancer that the AG brought to us back then! Why don’t we have a good time and troll everyone, like the old days. No one wants order, SunCry! We want to have fun and play the game! Which is why we’ll be bringing you down eventually, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyways, join and have a good time. You will be rewarded.

Infamy is needed to rank up.


discord: devo#8128
roblox: PowerTheImaginitive
discord server:

Be honest with yourself we all need a little aids in our life

Do you see it, folks! A perfect example of AG perfection!

i feel a mix of dread, anger, rage, melancholy, and generally being mad towards this post

the ptsd of the AG tryhards with legendary weapons are coming back to me

That is the goal my friend

Do you feel the same way to SunCry? We must fight fire with fire

i don’t even play WOM that often anymore lmao

besides, I’m positive rep

Great! That checks out

We all do…

ofc we do man

So then join the AG!

Dont you rmbr when we would just to being doing stuff like grinding when you get jumped by gay AG

this gives me flashbacks

join :wink:

I can’t see this ending well. The Arcane Government was replaced by the Magic Council due to the AG’s large corruption.

Ironic that you say you don’t want order yet you’re going to imitate the order-keeping group from Arcane.

devo is a false prophet

for I have already created an AG guild

:sunglasses: The point is to spread cancer

you are fake

And thus, Doge Nation 2.0 was born.

If your only goal is to spread “cancer” and toxicity, good luck. Your guild will have trash reputation in the community within a day.