Join The Forsaken Cerberus Guild

Guild Name: The Forsaken Cerberus Guild
Guild Status: Neutral
Guild Owner: Fang Lamina


The Forsaken Cerberus Guild is a relatively new Guild that focuses on being and building a good community

We offer:

  • PvP trainings

  • items which can be obtained by simply requesting

  • Backup from allied Guilds

  • Help with Leveling up

  • Money that Can be earned through missions, bounties, tournaments etc.

Join us at whichever lvl and let us make you strong climb become stronge, climb ranks and become a part of Cerberus.
We are waiting for YOU

P.s. if you’re not sure whether to join or not you can join the discord as a solo player until you’re sure.


discord: Join our Discord
roblox: finalandrewuchiha

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