Join the knights of ardor and serve!

Guild Name: The Knights of Ardor
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: AresImperius (Sebastien Lamina)

:star: | Description

The Knights of Ardor is a dark-based order committed to causing havoc within Magius. We host activities such as wars, server-takeovers, PvP tournaments / ganks, as well as PvE, trading, and other sorts of generic guild activities. We offer a variety of rank progression, semi-RP aspects, guild lore, and level boosting. We are always looking for high ranks and experienced leaders to join our ranks.

Currently open to creating alliances with dark and light guilds.
50+ Members

:star: | Requirements:

Lv. 15+
Reputation under 200.
Suitable knowledge of the game.
Active member of the community.

Guild Contact List:

:star: | Discord:
If you could like to set up relations, consider directly messaging the following

game r#4865
We advise you join the discord before doing so!

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