Join The Revolutionary Army and Take the Fight to the Magic Council!

Guild Name: The Revolutionary Order
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: Vega Water; FarawayThrower

What we’re about!

The Revolutionary Order and its members believe in the idea that all people of a land should be able to govern themselves as they see fit, to result in a genuinely prosperous and peaceful land of Magius. Due to this fact, we believe the Magic Council is a fundamental violator of this right that all functioning societies should have, therefore this easily abusable and dictatorship-like form of governing should be undone so that the individual cultures, thoughts, societies and other freedoms may prosper as a result. The Revolutionary Order does not believe in mindless slaughter or destruction, nor do we condone the killing of those who align with the Magic Council simply because of their beliefs. Here we encourage freedom of thought, where we simply strive to give freedom to the people of Magius so their societies may have the opportunity to thrive. Due to our opposition to the Magic Council, we are technically classified as a dark guild, and due to the sole fact our ideals do not align with the Magic Council, we will most likely be attacked on sight by their soldiers.

We are fairly relaxed guild, and want to make the game as enjoyable as possible to play and to play with other people!

Feel free to contact me!

Discord: Far#2171
ROBLOX: FarawayThrower

Have you finally made up your mind? Good, then join the guild!

Just wondering. Does your revolutionary army need a supplier that can go into cities and enchant, sell, and upgrade items?

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