Juggernaut challenge

i challenge all of you to try to beat the game with 50/50 juggernaut only (not allowed to use any weapons or magic)

I beat it as a glass cannon berserker I can probably beat it as a juggernaut too

50/50 stat points at all times

I mean i did beat the game as a 50/50 juggernaut
its fame is standing at 250k and i lose every single pvp match
so go figure, it is in fact possible

Saying as a hardcore juggernaut user, yes, it definetly is. Im using iron leg, high fame, a lot of hours, got almost all the badges and actually do not always lose at PVP. If you are trained hard enough you can still win as juggernaut, its just that you wont win against better builds like warlocks. Overall, im not swtiching builds, and juggernaut is my main build.

chad juggernatu