Julie vents about Twitter

Twitter is the biggest and grossest cesspool full of politically outraged people who find significance by going out of their way to take down generally good people by taking five-year-old clips of them out of context to frame them as something they are not. That is what the platform has become; please God—do the world and yourself a favor and remove it, as so I did a few weeks ago. The cancer associated with Twitter is no longer worth the install. Please, do something else better than apologize to these fucking Twitter Twats who will try and make you look like a bad person for speaking the truth and being yourself.




this is why you are unfunny :waa:

Imagine hating about a social platform on another social platform

Quite the power move.

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We know.

Someone just turn off the twitter server for the value of manking

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bro just don’t use twitter.

twitter will lower your IQ to the negative 7 trillions


wise words to live by

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yes. and it is no joke either :pain:

Cool story bro

you are a furry :ew:

i have this profile pic for a week, get comfy :troll:

i’ve seen
the fucking twitter ad on my phone
50-100 times already
and what’s worse
is that
it’s not just in english
it’s like
in korean, and spanish, and then italian
i hate it