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Totes Auto Open Wooden Stick Umbrella Steele Blue One Size
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Sadness is an ocean, few will swim, many will drown…

You can’t run forever, time catches up with everybody…

An umbrella has a much more broad range of important uses compared to a clock. With its widespread cover, it is able to block most elements of the weather, such as rain, hale, and even harsh summer sun. When folded up, it also has the surprising use of a potential self-defense weapon, making it perfect for your afternoon stroll on a theif filled beach that is pummeled with a hailstorm.

a clock however, is just a clock. Literally cannot do anything

A downpour of despair?

Or an onslaught during a truly golden hour?

Don’t think so literally about these objects my friend

for what lies beneath the surface is of an opalescent enigma…

what could this possibly mean

(wtf pfp change)

You guys are stupid

You can hit people with an umbrella
A bling bling watch can only tell you the time

You ever just wrap a metal watch around your knuckles, watch face on the punchy end, and sock somebody in the jaw and embed the glass from the watch face in their lip and chin?


Might just be me.

Niiice, flexing your vocab muscles today, huh?

sell watch and buy 2 umbrella. ez W