Just bought my first car

What y’all think of it


car update when?

A :ok_hand: with the pointer finger behind the thumb? How could anyone do this?

Wait. I just searched it on google. It only confirms it. There are a few rare cases of people who make the ok gesture with their pointer behind their thumb. This is not a single rare occurrence. There must be a greater reason for this, however I do not know it yet. So I can make two hypotheses out of this.
A. You are a part of a secret society
B. You need urgent attention and require our help
Whatever the case may be, please submit yourself for further investigation and help us to help you with this issue. Thank you, have a good day.

Me: Still uses my parent motorbike and still to use them

it car

It even has a panel that lets you control the car
high tech, nice job, its amazing

slight envy

very cool, i guess.


I can’t even really see the damn car

It looks pretty good from what I can see.

wut car? dodge grand caravan?

laughs in i’m almost old enough to get a permit but won’t have my own car for another 3 years

nooooooo oof that’s ;-;

i mean it’s not like i really need to go anywhere like college just yet lol
permit then maybe a license is good enough for me for now

What license? G? wait…

wdym by g?

huh welp in my area a G license is apparently required to drive car/van/minivan etc

oh we just call them a driver’s license here
basically lets you do the same thing

only problem is that you can’t have a G license and drive a truck or motorcycle

i mean it makes sense when you consider how much different and possibly dangerous it is to drive either of those vehicles