Just discovered Shockwave Smashes


For context, I have around 25 hours in a Berserker file which I deleted for a Warlock file, which now has 45 hours. Enough that I would call myself relatively experienced with strength builds.

I just discovered Shockwaves Smashes are not, in fact, just Slams that can be casted midair.
Holy shit.
These are completely different abilities!!!

This discovery was monumental for my Warlock file. It only took getting my ass beat by a Thermozerker 53 times to realize he was using a strange ability I had never seen before: A selino that didn’t move your character?

I ask, “What tech is that?”

He responds. “shockwave smash”

I open my techniques. Select shockwave. Aim horizontally.


Strength build users who, somehow, also did not know about the full functionality of Smash, I hope you are similarly enlightened now.

How tf did you not realize this earlier?

The one time I tried shockwave I just tried to use it as a midair Slam and it just looked really janky and pretty mediocre so I immediately swapped off and forgot about it.


how you didnt saw notification saying shockwave smash was unlocked? (or smth like that)

bro got enlightened :skull:


bro found about the strength version of sparrow thrust


Bro became the ultimate life form

Max level, 1st awakening, and you didn’t know you could change how smash works?

I will gladly admit that the same thing happened to me too. I never knew you could actually change the version of smash. Wait. Does crash have the same effect or nah??

Crash doesn’t have any variations, the only move that does is smash (Unless you wanna count focus’ stat buffs as variations)

yes i went from 2k pks to 2.6 k pks when i discovered that blessed tech

I tried shockwave and just atttempted to use it as slam but midair and it was really janky so I just forgot about it

No idea it could be used 360 degrees lol

Like, shockwave Smash is more like the shockwave explosion to Shot’s pillar explosion
They’re completely different abilities

I realized Shockwave smash existed 2 months after release (despite maining warlock)

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