Kari's Wealthy Wares (High demand items available!)

Currently available/sold wares:
Swift Vastira
Hard Oathkeeper [SOLD]
Clean WoJ
Hard Vastira x3
Clean Vastira
Strong Oathkeeper [SOLD]
Strong Vastira x2
Heavy WoJ
Swift Oathkeeper x2
Sunken Iron Boots x6
Sunken Iron Helmet x3
Sunken Iron Chestplate x2
Minotaur Leggings x2
Minotaur Chestplate x2
Minotaur Helmet x2
Hard Exiled Helmet

Mainly looking for:
Sunken Sword (preferably clean or strong)
Hard Exiled Armor
Hard Sunken Armor
Destructive Minotaur Armor
Meta Items/gear (only exceptional for the Hard Vastira, Minotaur Armor and Clean WoJ)

I can accept other offers, too! All offers have to be rare. Comment down to list your offer. May not reply right away.
Welcome and thanks for peeping by!

i have hard sunken helm and hard sunken boots and destructive minotaur armor wot can i get with it o.o

dm Kari#2838

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