Karma boss drop & sunken shop⚔️

current stock:

boss weapons/shields (click it):

oaths & shields
mino axes
  • 2x hard vistaria
  • 8x clean vistaria

boss armors:

exiled man clean
  • 11x helm
  • 8x chest
  • 7x legs
exiled man enchanted
  • 1x hard helm
  • 1x hard chest
  • 1x strong helm
  • 3x forceful helm
  • 1x forceful chest
  • 1x destructive helm
  • 3x destructive legs
  • 1x bursting helm
mino man clean
  • 15x helm
  • 16x chest
  • 4x legs
mino man enchanted
  • 1x hard helm
  • 1x hard chest
  • 3x hard legs
  • 1x strong legs
  • 1x destructive helm
  • 1x destructive chest
  • 1x nimble helm
  • 2x nimble legs
  • 2x forceful helm
  • 2x forceful chest
  • 2x forceful legs
  • 1x bursting helm
  • 1x bursting chest
  • 3x bursting legs
  • 2x keen chest
  • 1x keen legs

sunken supply:

the babes
  • x2 clean sunken swords
  • 1x hard sunken sword
  • 1x hard sunken helm
  • 1x hard sunken chest
  • 1x clean sunken chest
  • 1x nimble sunken helm
  • 1x nimble sunken chest
  • 1x forceful sunken helm

i buy boss drops/sunkens for crowns as well, so hmu if u need crowns

i’m mainly looking for upgrades, destructive sunkens, nimble mino, clean oaths, etc.
also, some of the items may be personal use, so I’ll only be trading them for overpays

if I have any specific trades I want to do I will link them here:

DM: karm#3516

for quicker responses, or u can reply here

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came for the creative title, stayed for the good inventory

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Creative title no, good inventory yes

the sword is creative :wink:
and the title rhymes

ill sell you mino armor for 400 level 60

dont know if still available but alright, sorry for the late response i was sleeping

can i get a clean oathkeeper for a hard vastira and some crowns (around 2k)

no thanks sorry, oaths are in demand rn and i already got a ton of vastiras

Ok (ten characters)

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