Kinda fishy lookin' guy

Annotation 2020-07-15 082753
This guy has nothing on his leaderboard, yet it says he has caused a threat??? I’m pretty sure there might be something fishy going on… What do you think this guy is doing anyway? When I mouse over another players leaderboard stats and then his, it shows as the last person I moused over.

probably just a UI glitch

he’s in the news nowAnnotation 2020-07-15 083615
pretty sure it isn’t a UI glitch but rather a way to hide his stats so players can’t see them, also other people say the same thing is happening with his leaderboard stats

idk then prob an exploiter

Do his stats still look like that? I think when i first played it was incredibly easy to become a threat even when doing nothing but idk if that’s the case now
Is it possible to become a threat without losing rep?

…Guys it’s a gen 1. Since it pretty obviously doesn’t seem to be a really early tester (I don’t even know if they were even able to play so early), a mod supervisor, vetex, etc., there is nothing normal about them being gen 1. Either some unloaded date or an exploiter.

This is 100% a glitched player.
Able Anchor is the first possible name alphabetically, and is thus the “default” name.
They are gen 1 because that is the default value.
All their stats are 0 because those are the default values.
Now why they are causing threats is unknown to me, maybe a glitch due to being an invalid player?

Hmmm i wonder :thinking: :thinking:

def an exploiter

Its probably just a UI glitch

you can start a threat at level 1 if you open private chests or break windows

Maybe the town and Magic Council are just prejudice.

A UI glitch for most of the people in the server kinda seems wack though. I rejoined to switch characters and it was the same as when I first checked.