Kingdom/ island alighnment task

I know Vetex isn’t adding this anytime soon, but I think it’s a really dope idea, and should totally add it after he completes his roadmap of updates or during the clan building update.

I think people should be rewarded for taking over kingdoms or islands that been previously influenced by another player, imagine ur fighting to save an island from another person terrorizing it that would be super immersive and cool. Same thing the other way around u could have thriving island and protect it from someone trying to terrorize it thru bad alignment tasks.

There’s so many different tasks and rewards u could go about doing with this, I really hope Vetex elaborates more on it and adds it to the game someday it’s a really cool idea.

Vetex said he’s thinking about adding it in the Nimbus Sea Update, which is after the Dark Sea Update, so it’s a lot sooner than you think.

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That would be sick!

Yo you the one that came up with that idea

no no vetex has been planning to do kindom/ alighnment tasks i just had some stuff i wanted to add on to it

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could also really help with the RPG aspect, as your character can now have a “nationality,” and maybe NPCs will interact with you differently based on your alignment.

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True like some island would send bounty hunter if you’re bad alignment with them. That would be cool

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How can your character have a nationality?
Remember that he’s amnesiac, he wouldn’t remember it

Btw if your character is someone from Skyhall Kingdom it would be pretty funny since people from there hate the seas

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its not their actual nationality, its just the place that the character would feel most at home at, kinda like a “found family” or something like that.

imagine u could purchase homes like skyrim