Kingdoms + Curses in AO

In AO, there are tons of kingdoms battling it out with each other using multiple curse users as their line of defense and offense. Seeing as curses seem to be one of the most prioritized items in the War Seas, it ponders the mind as to how this system exactly works.

From my understanding thus far. Curse Vaults are used to hold curses in a secret location guarded by highly trained people or other curse users. I made a very detailed drawing as to what this may look like.

What system is used to give out curses to certain users?

The system as to how curse users are chosen are most likely dependent on the kingdom. I’m sure most may use a system of tournaments to actually choose worthy people. Curse users may also be chosen just by whose ruling at the time. It’s a possibility that anyone close in a relationship with someone who rules a kingdom could easily obtain a curse for themselves, creating pretty bad circumstances.

Why are they all in the War Seas?

It definitely seems as though the setting of the War Seas contain a plethora of curses, while Arcane Adventures don’t seem to have that many. I wonder when the curses were first originally sent out that most were released to the War Seas for a certain purpose?

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I believe it’s because the war seas is where mount olympus used to be, so a lot of curses landed there


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Here’s the thing, AA did actually have a decent amount of Curses, it’s just that Durza and Cursebeard were hogging a lot of them. Here’s a list of the ones that we know of (the ones with a * mean that it’s from the Arcane trello which could be retconned eventually):

  • Durza - Absorption, Earth, Lightning*, Explosion*, Sand, possibly more
  • Cursebeard - Tide, Ice, Blaze, Energy
  • Arsen - Ash
  • Ernest - Acid*
  • Trigno - Magma
  • Rupin - Fire
  • Averill - Light
  • Valencia - Shockwave
  • Freedrock - Lazurus
  • Randal - Growth*

That’s already 13 confirmed Curses and 4 possible ones in the Seven Seas, which is quite a bit. So if the War Seas was supposed to have more Curses, I’m really wondering how many Curses Arthur forced that poor bastard Prometheus to make.

Of course, nearly half of those people listed above dying and releasing their Curses could’ve affected things, but there’s no way the War Seas had less Curses than that and made Curse Vaults to store them.


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According to tech or vetex durza was confirmed to have 1/3 of all curses, but since we don’t know how many curses that is we only know about a few

War Seas is where Mount Olympus was which could be a reason as to why curses are more likely to appear here. Also I have a feeling that they know more about curses, and hoard whatever they find. As for how curses are given out, it probably depends on the kingdom. Could be through tournaments sure, but it’s also probably through royal status, or even an only to be used in emergency type thing


I don’t think Arthur asked him to make a specific amount of curses. He probably just asked for Prometheus to make the truest most pure form of magic and give to him. So Prometheus created a curse for every single element (including mutations), as well as a few external curses that don’t have a magic counterpart. There is also a huge amount of magic types we have no idea about

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yeah itd be cool to give curses to tournament winners

Would be cool if a kingdom gave Sea Curses to their residents with a Sea Monster hunting contest.

Definitely. But how really would the contest work? Would you just kill the Sea Monster? That seems like a challenge due to its high health and damage. Challenges are fun though.

It’ll probably be something like some kingdoms hold tournaments with well-known individuals and then they fight it out. Just a possibility though

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That would be sick.

Yeah probably by killing it. Sea Curses are really powerful so I feel like just simply catching it isn’t enough to be worthy of one.

Agreed. I want to feel the adventure of just trying to get one. And possibly making yourself a book about adventuring to get that sea curse.