L to people in guilds (guildless master race)


Fat L to everyone in a guild

Hmm, what will people in a guild with the last name Lamina, ect. do since they have to change their last name? Not that I have that last name but somebody in my guild does

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The last name Lamina is being deleted since it wouldn’t fit with the new game.

This is because lamina was a currency before world of magic, and Arcane Odyssey is taking place across the world, they are unaware of Lamina or the 7 sea’s existence

Simplified: in AO we don’t know what lamina is so it cant be a last name

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Thus they will have to change their name upon rejoining in TGR, but how will they if they are in a guild? I guess it will just kick you. F in the chat to the guild owners with that last name.

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No thats not what its saying
currently ANYONE in a guild isnt allowed to change their name since it would kick them from the guild

Yes, but people with the last name Lamina HAVE to. They cancel out eachother, unless i’m being stupid.

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There is an ez way to work around this if you are smart or have loyal people


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just give the guild ownership to the person who doesnt want to change their name

Yeah, then just reinvite the owner back and they will get their rank, I was about to say f in the chat for suncry for a sec until u said that

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WoM Lore Last Names: I see this as an absolute win

I was about to freak out since suncry’s leader has the last name lamina lol

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That would be chaotic lol

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Or better, an alt

You get disowned from your surname

I think he removed that to fix it or something idk maybe o_o

this mean people with lamina are going to be last nameless?

Yes wayy better

laughing in the distance