Large sharks don’t exist

I’m not putting this in bug reports because I don’t have evidence but in the last 20+ underwater structures I’ve checked, not one of the sharks was not a regular shark. This along with the low amount of natural shark spawns, makes large sharks practically impossible to find.

I’ve been hunting for multiple days now and I’ve seen two megolodons and no other large sharks, of course neither of those megolodons dropped the egg I needed, so I kept hunting and kept finding none.

Normal sharks can also drop the egg

tbh its honestly easier to just be sailing around until a white eyes or something spawns, then go to the closest island and kill it from the land. thats how i got mine, just beach a white eyes and spam attacks

Must be pretty rare because I haven’t gotten one even with killing at least 50 sharks recently

With or without ship attachments may i ask

Without ship attachments admittedly but my sealed chest rng is quite bad

That somewhat explains it, if you kill a shark without using a ship attachment then the drop rate gets reduced 3x, trade someone for a ship attachment

This is on one of my poorer files so guess bad luck to me

i got mine without attatchments