Legacy Part 13

end of the sword restoration arc, sort of.

extremely sorry for the delay (and also the quality of this, i wanted to get it out asap and didn’t have time to have my friend proofread). more details are below.

update on production

the reason why this was delayed (and also why i felt terrible the last month or so now) is because i apparently got infected with h. pylori. theres also a chance i have parasites. i’ve been taking medication since last week and its been taking a pretty big toll on me, i’ve been extremely exhausted, unmotivated, depressed, etc. but overall i AM feeling good and haven’t had any symptoms. i need to take it for 4 weeks at the least, so it’ll be a while until i’m all good. legacy WILL be continued, but production will stagnate and i’ll just post it on fridays whenever it’s ready, not every friday like usual.

im not really sure how many people read legacy, how many people care, or what anyone thinks about it. nonetheless, i’ll continue writing even if no one reads it. if you read this, thank you. i hope you enjoy the future of legacy.


I’m pretty sure danny reads everything in this category

Was really fun. I really liked that last part… it was charged hehe.

You could do dialogue attribution a little better tho, sometimes it was hard to see who was talking.

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Generally speaking, although I usually kinda skim over some stuff.

I mainly just read whenever robo drops by. I check it out, but I don’t always have the time.