Legendary Weapons

Some legendary weapons I stumbled upon in the old Arcane trello; some of you guys may have already found it though

edit: replaced the al trello with aa trello

Which one are you most hyped for, and would you like to see these added to AO?

bro this is the al trello not the aa trello

yeah what he said

oh well

it’d still be poggers

ok fixed it inferno

The light staff, watch me create a fishing business with my clones illusions

Real talk, there’s only one of those weapons that deserve to have a place in AO.

That weapon, of course, is The Illumination Bucket.


whats the al trello

reply is old, got updated. al means arcane legacy

you got me all excited thinking this was added to the trello just now :frcryin:

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no i meant the link


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sorry dude :frpensive:
hopefully it does, it’d be pretty pog

Illumination bucket best bucket 2021.

imagine tanking shot with a bucket.