Lesser Light Arcanium Cannons Are Actually Good?

Dunno about other cannons but assuming I have the fastest with the least damage and the slowest with the most damage, being light and metal/earth, they would be the max on two stats for the cannons. In this case though instead of speed, it’s range. Metal/Earth has 0.4 range with 2 damage multipliers meanwhile light has 1.4 range with 1.9 damage multiplier.

When both has strong enchant, it’s 2.2 for metal/earth and 2 for light. Considering a 2 multiplier damage is already enough to deal a lot of damage, it becomes broken when it has a ton of range. I’ve been testing this on NPC ships and they literally cant hit me even with heavy balls or any other heavier balls.

I’ve always thought metal/earth arcanium cannons is better despite the low range considering they have the highest damage in terms of arcanium cannons. It was a nice find frfr

Was weirded out by light cannon though, should’ve been a 2.1 instead of 2 since strong enchant adds a 0.2 on the multiplier