Let's have a moment for vetex knee RIP

We just need to appreciate how he is still working hard even though he has something wrong with his knee, rip :sob: :sob: (vetex if you seeing this i wanna a pic of you knee >:c)

idk about that, but yeah I hope he recovers man.

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He probably kneeds to take a break.

We all kneed you vetex, but please taken a much kneeded break.

Er uhm, what happened?

ohhh Ig I should check trello more often

I still want that knee pick >:c

This is quite sad though I bet he has knees as hot as Technoblades elbow

don’t know why, but i have a feeling that this post should be moved to offtopic, but yeah rip vetex’s knee!

Vetex is a real Chad for coding while running

Yeah he must be

imagine running, sounds kinda yucky

How do you do dark mode for Trello I’m on windows

O, I’m on mobile RIP