Level 120 , finaly

I know its just a level i know , but , its finaly it ,
How do you feel about it now? , Waiting for something?

Vetex , go ahead, you’ve put a lot of effort into this game and probably almost nobody knows how bad it must be to update the game when roblox doesn’t want work, so good luck, and we all love your game. ( I know maybe he will never saw this , but i still want to say thanks for him

how will it feel to be part of someone’s story? , of life , I wanted him to answer that one day.


harpoon shape please

I can finally commit heavy arson

I just really wanna see what crystal looks like dawg

I saw a crystal leak for sword shape and it looks really cool but I need MORE

and ideally in red, because that’s the best color obviously (I am not biased in any way)

best color is brown because it’s what happens when I mix my colors together.

brown crystal…


black crystal though :smirk:

crystal bad. magma better. I personally will be using wind and water not magma though.

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wooo shapes


:nerd_face: :magma_magic: :-1:

average magma stan vs chad anything else user (except lightning those mfs are dumb as hell)


:sunglasses: :everything: :+1:

:nerd_face: :magma_magic: :-1:

:skull: :lightning_magic_var1: :x:

What’s so bad about magma

(okay rare moment of truth here, I just clown on magma because I like taunting the 2 people who literally worship it, but it seems I’ve actually gaslit myself into genuinely disliking it.

as for lightning, I have hated that shit since the end of time, so, it’s more genuine, and much more deserved.)

I want phoenix, apocalypse bringer, life, and equinox

I use wind, shadow, lightning, water, and ice

how does that have anything to do with hating on magma/shitting on lightning???

cool I guess

I also use lightning.


please stay 10000 studs away from me at all times in game, I don’t feel like getting ganked.
:cold_face: :lightning_magic_var1: :x:

I like it.