Level Requirements are painful

I’m thankful that Arcane Odyssey doesn’t have a lot of Bandit Beater elements, but seriously, what’s up with the level locks? I get that the story gets hard and you should level up before progressing through it, but what are you supposed to do? Take for example, the Stepstones level 40 requirement. You’ve beaten Iris and done a bunch of quests around Frostmill. Usually you end up at level 21-22 if you’re just getting to the point, so let’s say that you stayed a while and did some quests, fished, etc etc and you are at level 30. That’s still a 10 level up requirement, on an island that you have no other quests but bandit beating!

It becomes even more frustrating when playing with friends, as repeatable material-gathering quests such as the Palo Town bananas quest or Shell Island giant bananas quest will only amount up to one person and MAYBE if rng is generous, half of another person’s quest.

It doesn’t help that around those level locks, there’s a gap where no quests are available at all. What comes to mind right now is before Fort Talos, and Journey to Ravenna. You don’t unlock Shell Island quests until level 80, and the last quest you have available iirc was Cernyx.

What do you do when the level lock arrives? For each one of them?
I’m interested in your methods since it’s always so painful when introducing friends to the game and having to tell them “Yeah… now we gotta do this quest until at least level 38.”

Then scramble to get exp until level 80. I consider after this to be quite easy, as you should be able to get to Ravenna by a landslide, and once you make it to Ravenna an entire world of quests opens for you, so level locks are not an issue anymore.

Also, what do you need for a ship sink to be considered yours? I was doing Maya’s quest with a friend and we both needed to take down the fortified ships. I got mine by killing a ship that got stuck, and we had trouble getting his since I tried to lower the ship’s health and leave him the kill, but it didn’t complete the quest for him. Do you need to deal the last hit? The most damage? Does it have to be your ship?

frostmill has a cargo quest that takes you to palo which has even more quests

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There aren’t any sheep in AO for you to enjoy unfortunately :pensive:

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i usually went pirate hunting to try and get some rare scrolls

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Complete all quests at frostmill
Do cargo quest and enizor at the same time by heading to palo town.
Do palo town quests (maybe do mayor tilly quest)
Get banana quest, go to limestone.
Return to frostmill, finish enizor quest by going to other islands.
Chill with kenton and get him as a second quartermaster.
Head to stepstones.

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By the time i arrive at Frostmill:

Dawn, Mango and Redwake area is 100% completed.

Elm is left missing it’s chart.

Then i go do the story until it ends w/ some of the quests available there aside from the 5 fishing quest.

Then i take the 5 fishing quest and Cargo quest when at lvl 30.

Head to Palo, get Bronze fishing rod, complete Cargo and Palo quests. Visit Lime and 100% it.

Head to Kenton, finish his and the 5 fishing quest then i’m usually off doing Enizor.

Then i go complete his while also 100% the islands you’re required to visit. And reach i 40 by the time Enizor is done and head off to Cirruss.

Since charts can be obtained at lvl 20 i might go 100% Frost/Elm/Goso. And bother to 100% Palo maybe or at least get most of the exploration done.

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I grab every single explosive barrel in existence

its cuz vet wants people to explore, mostly thru going to palo and doing treasure charts
only problem is that he forgets the roblox player base has no mind of their own and needs something to tell them where to go, hence so many players not knowing what to do and resorting to quest spamming (which for some reason is the fastest method anyways)


I personally love the exploring, so leveling up wasn’t a rush for ME, problem is when I want to introduce friends to the game and lose interest when they have to destroy ice smugglers for a good 30 minutes or so.

I did try to explore with a friend once, but sailboats are horribly slow, sometimes we don’t find anything, and I worry that they don’t have the patience that I have, since I’m the type of person that will recommend you music, play a few seconds of it, get no reaction, turn it off and say “So yeah that’s kinda it”.

Still bummed out that grinding is the actual fastest way of leveling up, it’s monotone but still technically better than exploring.

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God, thank you so much for this route/guide. I’ll try it out on my next playthrough, maybe it’s comfortable!

I thank Vetex for making kenton relatively close to us in early levels, trying to get him when you’re at Sailor’s Lodge is in a place between not worth it, but I need him for the quest.

You can get the pirates quest completed from assists, right?

Sadly, some of them aren’t active until +35…

Not with that attitude!

Wait… do animals other than sea creatures exist in the AO/WoM/AA universe? Cause like, the wolf bandits have wolf clothing… but we never see wolves…
So either they drove wolves to extinction, or they just hide REALLY well.

lorewise yea its the normal world but if there was magic
gamewise robloxs engine has yet to become powerful enough

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AND THEN ALONG CAME ZEUS :lightning_magic_var1:

you can’t make this shit up cuh, thank god vetex is allergic to making non-humanoid enemies that aren’t fish of some kind

Alternatively, you can just go to silverhold and put enough gunpowder barrels on your ship to kill a god, then sail over to palo and sell them all. They give a lot of exp and it doesn’t take too long, and it’s also more fun than punching bandits to death.

It also works for the talos level lock, since the exp scales with level and silverhold is pretty close to sailor’s lodge

silverhold only has 3 barrels max wym

nuh uh, it’s 11 barrels

Yeah, they’re just not ingame. There’s several NPCs that imply their existence, not mentioning the wolf pelts.

Don’t forget the birdcalls you hear on shell island in the ambience.

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