Level Requirements are painful

I farm to 55 before cirrus and get a caravel and shit
Game is a breeze after and I don’t deal with gaps until post Ravenna pre awakening

Frostmill - Cirrus island easily bypassed through ice smuggler quest and charts, ice smugglers being the fastest way

Selectively visiting islands and ignoring Enizor until lv80 makes it easy to go from Elius to lv71 (DO NOT HIT SAILOR’S LODGE AT 61) through charts. Once at 71(?) You can hit sailors lodge and do it’s quests.

Charts continue to help the Argos - Ravenna level gap. Sailor’s Lodge has a few chests underneath the ramps as well as on ledges under the main floor, which you can usually use to get a chart

Memorize secret locations like the three chest spots on Ravenna and the big host of them on Palo Town and Frostmill to keep up your chart supply wherever you land.

Blockquote Also, what do you need for a ship sink to be considered yours? I was doing Maya’s quest with a friend and we both needed to take down the fortified ships. I got mine by killing a ship that got stuck, and we had trouble getting his since I tried to lower the ship’s health and leave him the kill, but it didn’t complete the quest for him. Do you need to deal the last hit? The most damage? Does it have to be your ship?

I think it’s just who did the most damage to the boat, though my friends have also mysteriously managed to steal pirate ship kills from me using swivel guns.
If your goal is to help other players get kill credit for an enemy ship, I think the best thing you can do is simply let them drive your boat. The damage dealt by the cannons will be attributed to whoever’s driving the ship, not who owns it.

While I do agree with Vetex wanting us to explore things up, I found him locking it through story lock and expecting new players to just know what to do after is a bit too much.

New players do not have the knowledge or experience like us who played it for hours and have memorized and made strategies to level up quickly. So either make the story don’t just rush to Stepstone or make it instead behind level locked, it’s instead recommended level if they don’t want to get crushed.

I also have a slight gripe with escaping Ravenna story part where they expect the new players will do Souvella/Mayor Tilly quest and have a ship that can fight. If Vetex wants a feature to be used, then put it on the story to introduce them to new players, and not a quest that players might missed.


I believe Vetex DID confirm that he wants to add land animals in the future- it’s just not going to be on the table for a long time. Imagine having something like a boar walking around Palo though! Could end up a funny sight if they path into the town itself and that’s what a new player sees on first arrival.


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