LF 100k crowns

Trading headless for 10 million crowns, if u manage to get all the alts to do that PM me I will Fr do it

Actually I’ll make it easier, 100k crowns

How tf will you spend or store 100k crowns

Idek mane, I’m just bored asf. I just read vetex’s new announcement, low key

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100k not that hard, just around 6.6666666 alts (i think)


Its around 13 i believe if your storing 2.6k per slot

if you use guilds to store crowns its just 10 accounts, but, y’know, guilds

Ive got your crowns, PM me or dm me at Percy#1966 when your ready

no way he’s gonna do it

you gonna spend all of em for fish baits or something.

its like 3 alts cuz each alt has like 3 slots so…

You get 7800 per account so its around 13

idk but alr

I grinded for the 100k yesterday and he backed out, i kept track of the a,ount of accounts it took

@jeyycub yo come over here and give blueberry man the headless

thought you said you would FR do it.

why wouldnt you just fill up each file to the max

idk man doesnt seem like a joke
and if it was meant to be a joke you should have made it way clearer

It takes longer to do that

ye but you save time in making and switching between accounts

and if you ever want to use those files its easier to find them