Lf clean sunken chest

yes this is the same offer but for a clean sunken chest. Nimble sunken chest, strong oath, 2 clean exiled chests, swift exiled helm, and 2 clean exiled boots.

Not really a good trade if I’m correct, that nimble enchant ruined the sunken, if you have other sunkens that’d be sick

i do not :frcryin:

there was a trade about offering 3 strong oats for a clean sunken helmet. You may need 3 strong oat as well

I think the mf forgot that this trade included a nimble sunken chest; you only need like 1 strong oath + the nimble and it would be fair (although worse in terms of versatility)

Huh look at that, it really is a fair trade, that’s pog. You learn something new everyday

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