LF Dark Sea Essentia & Other Items

+Discrd: Dibse | IGN: The_elment


3x acrimonies
1x interchange potion
1x sunken iron helmet
A bunch of basically every gem except candalerias, variscsite & kyanite (75 lapis lazuli, 50 larimar, etc)
May sell some seasonals depending on the offer

(Mainly) Buying:

Bulk of dark sea essentia(will give an interchange pot and some galleons/other items for a large amount [negotiable])
Fortune enchant
Sunken warrior set
Halloween seasonals

NLF: exotic scrolls/rare scrolls, any gems, galleons (unless for gems)

fortune for seasonal?

I’m not giving you any seasonal just for fortune sorry, I could give another exotic scroll, I have all of them basically other than any treasure chart ones, OR galleons. Not a seasonal tho

can you do the acrimony OR sunken helmet for it?


hmmm I see… I will send ingame then

you’re not ingame?

i guess i wait patiently then

that trade is absolutely dogshit hence why I only replied with “bro.”

give me 100 fortunes and maybe I’ll consider giving an acrimony

ok, join

wdym join bro I already declined that :sob: :sob:

it was joke bro i was just getting an idea of how badly you needed it, you did list it with sunken warrior and halloween seasonals lol

I also listed gems along with sunken and seasonals on the selling list but that doesnt mean I value my sunkens the same as my gems :broken_heart:

I quite literally have my shop linked on my profile so its quite obvious that I’m well aware of trading and values :skull:. Whatever if u don’t want to negotiate or buy something else enuff has been said

ermmm slide powerful for it quick!

10k galleons is the most I’ll do OR a hasty scroll

ermm ok 10k galleons and hasty scroll why do people have so many galleons

join supersoldier947ii

one or the other I’m not doing both 1098524123673677895

you got me there, gg, 10k

wolf of wall street tactics right here :sob:

ok joining