LF Full bursting Sunken Iron set

i have been made aware that what i am offering is a horrible deal, so unless you’re (for some reason) willing to take the offer don’t bother actually checking

I want:

  • Sunken Iron Armor (Bursting)
  • Sunken Iron Boots (Bursting)
  • Sunken Iron Helmet (Bursting)

I am offering:

  • Strong Vastira
  • Hard Oathkeeper
  • Full Clean Minotaur Set
  • Clean Sunken Helmet
  • Powerful power amulet (dull)
  • Full Powerful Wizard Set (robes,pants,hat)
  • Hard Wizard pants
  • Clean Exiled Helmet
  • Sturdy Wall of Jericho

i have been made aware that this is a horrible deal


far from enough, all of those items wont even be enough to afford a bursting sunken helmet


It would get a bursting helm barely, but not a full set at all moyai

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well, this is what i get for not knowing the economy
thanks for letting me know in that case

i dont think so, burst is like the 2nd (or 3rd if you like power) best enchant on sunkens

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Bursting is only slightly above clean, did you miss the fact that he’s offering a clean sunken helm?

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its fine, people made many posts about values here so you can go look at those

alright cool
thanks for the advice

no not just slightly, im too lazy to have a trader argument on the forums because we both know this wont ever end so alr

Bruh it literally goes hard > powerful > bursting > clean, bursting is generally considered only slightly above clean, but I guess you don’t want to argue so I won’t pursue it further…?

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yeah ik crazy, someone not wanting to argue on the forums. I didnt think it was possible either but here we are.

:crab: shitass trade :crab:

I was think chest at most

you could 100% get a bursting helmet, I’ve got one if you wanna make an official offer.


Burst helm/pant =clean chest roughly

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